>Death Tide

>Death Tide By Garry Charles

Available here http://www.garrycharles.co.uk/ for free.

In Death Tide the inhabitants of a small coastal village are pitted against the monstrosities of both a killer virus that has been unleashed from a research lab, and a huge tidal bore that is threatening to destroy everything in its path.
Those infected by the virus arte turned into mindless irrational killers, now I hear you saying we’ve heard this a million times before David Moody’s Hater 28 Days Later. Those infected with the disease slowly but surely devolve into savage paranoid killers, while at the same time being slowly turned into boil ridden , that only have a short time to wreck havoc before their insides dissolve and come pouring out of every orifice imaginable.
As is to be expected in these types of novels, the virus escapes from the research lab into the village which has been cut of from the rest of the world by the flooding caused by the tidal bore. What follows is an extremely well told story filled with a good amount of stomach turning gore.
If you have been following my flash reviews that I have been posting around the web, you’ll have noticed that I am totally sick of the zombie fiction craze and the fast buck policy of many small press publishers. Don’t get me wrong there are some great zombie novels out there. While this is not strictly zombie fiction it will surely be lumped into the genre, which to me does this story a great disservice, yes the premise is not original, but it more than makes up for it with the quality of the writing. Look upon this story as the twisted cousin of 28 Days Later. The descent of those infected from normal rationale people into total psycho killers is good. It helps rack up the tension, petty things getting out of hand and ending in violence. The scenes involving one of the protagonists when he gets home after becoming infected were truly gut wrenching, the tension oozed of the page.
Garry Charles keeps the story pumping along from the very first page. I really enjoyed how Garry imbued the Tidal Bore with an almost sentient like personality; it felt as though it wanted to destroy everything in its path, rather than being some force of nature. It invoked the same feeling of dread as the great evil from The Fifth Element, a sense of pure primordial evil. The isolation of the village lends the climax a Mad Max like feel. In fact this book is screaming out to b made into a film by some like Neil Marshall.

I really enjoyed reading this, this was my first experience of reading Garry Charles and on this basis I will be putting his Heaven s Falling novels on my birthday list.


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