>To the Staff at Sick Kids Thank You

>We woke up in the early hours of this morning to sound of our 1 year old daughter Ella crying and having great difficulty breathing. A quick phone call to NHS 24 had an ambulance winging its way towards us. A lot of people have bad things to say to about NHS 24, yet the three times we have had to use them they were great.

So of I went in a blind panic with Ella to the sick kids hospital 12 miles away in Edinburgh. The paramedics were angels they managed to keep both myself and Ella calm, well as calm as could be expected.

Once we got to the hospital we were booked in and seen within five minutes, the level of care provided by all members of staff from the nursing auxiliaries to the consultant was first class. It turned out that Ella had a bad case of croup.

The main reason for this blog is to extend a big big thank you to Sick Kids hospital, there is a move to close it down and transfer a greatly reduced service to the main hospital. This cannot be allowed to happen, forget about the specialist medical knowledge there, for it is well known that it is first class. It’s the specialist care skills that the staff have that really makes this a wonderful place a lot of these skills can’t be learned and most of those that can be taught take years of devoted service to master . I was distraught at the state my daughter was in, trying to get her to take a nebuliser, there was one nurse trying to keep it on her face myself trying to keep her arms at bay and two nurses trying to make her happy by being funny.

The Drs and nurses soon got her croup under control and she was discharged 12 hours later smiling like she always does

To close this hospital would be a travesty, so if any of you know anyone who works there shake their hand for me please.


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