>Time to make a stand

>I used to frequent so many forums on the internet, but lately I have found myself slowly but surely retreating from them. The douchebags and fucktards are taking over. If someone posts a piece of work on the net and asks for criticism, then take it, don’t get all you friends to be passive aggressive towards me. Cause I’m the sort of guy who will take it as a challenge and come out fighting. I have bitten my tongue in the past, but no more. I am making a stand.

I am a big fan of the horror genre, but lately there has been so much shite going around. Publisher getting all upity about people who would rather read a book than collect it, fuck you. People who make sweeping generalisation on a board in the vain attempt to start a controversy fuck you.

Those boards are not the best evvaa they are breeding grounds for dick heads and circle jerks. We hate dramas, you are the pricks that started all the dramas in the first place, please go and kill yourselves, or at the very least sterilise yourself so there is no chance of you breeding.


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