>Last day of School

>Its Campbells last day of school today, can’t believe he made it through his first year without any mishaps. In fact he had a great year, a brilliant first report. Remember he does have me as his father, that means he is 50% buffoon, sorry my son, but at least your mother is intelligent, normal and has her head screwed on straight. Really annoying as this means he never falls for any of my pranks and wind ups. He still won’t believe me when I tell him to look out for LAND SHARKS.

Well done me boy you make us proud. But now the fun begins, all four of us together, a recipe for mishaps, disasters, and his mother smacking me about the head repeatedly with the heaviest thing she can lift. I’m not saying Amanda is a nutcase, is just with me and the boy together, lets just say Laurel and Hardy have nothing on us. So if I suddenly stop posting on my regular haunts, please take off your hats and say a silent prayer for my soul as it hurtles down to the pit.


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